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FREEDOM!!! mean.... *incognito*

I'm making excellent recovery! In great health! Perfectly fit to go back to work!

...So why won't Hana or Ino let me get back to work already?!?!

I'm going crazy on this couch and have watch enough daytime television, I could write my own show sitting upside-down on my head blindfolded! (Actually I did. I'm calling it, "Bontany P.D." It's a mystery show about a handsome young cop whose main hobby is gardening. Real exciting stuff!) I just KNEW I had to get out of this house, even if for only an hour or two! Trouble is, my wife watches me like a hawk, always checking in every 10 minutes and making sure I'm still here and not just some illusion. (She's too clever sometimes, but then, she was once a ninja herself...)

But then, at last! A ray of hope appeared, shining it's brilliance through my door like a pathway to God!

...Alright, so it was only Shikato finally coming by to play a few rounds of shougi with me, but it gave me a brilliant plan! One that I didn't waste too much time carrying out. It pretty much went as follows:

[Two minutes after wife comes in to check on me.]
Shikato: You're turn.
Me: Hmm... Hey, what's that over there?!
Shikato: Yeah right. Like I'm gonna fall for that one.
Me: A-hehehe... sure you won't look?
Shikato: Positive.
Me: *sighs* Fine. Hey, pass me some of the sake I stashed under the chair there.
Shikato: *turns around eagerly* Sake?
Me: Shintenshin no jutsu!

At last! I was able to move up and about without anyone telling me otherwise! All I had to do was tell Hana-chan that "Inoshi" had fallen asleep and I was leaving to let him rest. By the time she figures out I performed this jutsu, I'll have had my fill of freedom.

Shikato is probably going to be mad when I release him of this jutsu, but... Who cares?! I've got Cabin Fever symptoms to burn off! A good run through the training grounds, stretching exercises, maybe make a few of those deliveries that still need to be done, eat out at the BBQ for some quality food (no offense, dear!), and just enjoying the general feeling of no confinement!

Aaaah! Let the luxuries begin!

*"Shikato" skips off merrily*
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