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Yamanaka Inoshi

Daddy's Watching

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The Great Yamanaka Inoshi is here! Between running my own business and taking care of my family, I find time to fulfill the occassional mission. But with my own shop, I've retired a little from the heavy-set ninja stuff. The greatest way I contribute now is through medicines and poisons I make using the plants in our shop.

My best friends, Nara Shikato and Akimichi Choumaru, are a bit more active than I am concerning missions. However, they also have their own side-jobs. Akimichi works to imporve soldier pills while Nara has his deer. *wistful sigh* I miss the old days when the three of us were an unstoppable team, tearing up the country-side! (Organized by my keen leadership skills, of course.) What good old days. Not much time to get together anymore however. We've each become too busy with our jobs and families. However, we do get together for a couple of drinks every now and then. Often remembering more exciting times... if not trying to get back the $100 Nara owes me, the dirty cheapskate.

Come and stop by the flower shop sometime! Flowers can mean a thousand different things and are useful at any occassion! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me, my wife, or my lovely little Ino-hime, the most beautiful, talented kunoichi in all of Konoha!