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Yamanaka Inoshi

Friday, October 7, 2005

9:03PM - Suspicious quotation marks? What suspicious quotation marks?

Shikato has been... "suggesting" a certain... "training exercise" lately. And Choumaru has been backing him up on it.

I'm not sure! It really is such a... "vigorous and strenuous" "training exercise" that I'm a little unsure about employing it so much earlier than tradition has ever called for it. (Granted, it hasn't been a tradition for that long, but still!)

They've been pushing me hard on doing it, as to how I'm the last resistance to seeing it done. They have good points, but... I just don't know! I did promise back then, but I was thinking I was promising for a much later date. How was I supposed to know they'd be so talented?! And it's not that I don't have confidence in them, I just... wish......



Shikato, Choumaru, I've decided. We'll meet at midnight in "that place". At dawn, it begins.

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Sunday, July 24, 2005

5:18PM - Back in action!

Shikato's still a little sore from that trick I pulled on him a while ago and hasn't been back to visit me since. I swear, you take over your friend's body once without their permission and it's the end of the world! He must have told Akimichi too; haven't seen the big guy in ages.

The good news is, however, that I've been declared fit enough to go back to work! Ahh, running the shop has never been so good! I was worried about my wife and daughter running it on their own for so long... Blast. Now that I think about it, I should have called Shikamaru back in to help out, or Chouji too. Although it does seem they've been busy with missions lately. Or maybe Shikato ratted me out to them too... Oh well. I'm back now, so everything's bound to fall into order. Rosepetal kept me nice company while I was an invalid. Taught her all sorts of new tricks!

Ino's still living with Kurenai for the time being, but she still comes by to help out. She's acting a little strange lately though, especially after that last mission of hers. It's not the first time, but a father always worries. Ah, but my little princess is growing up and becoming a fine young woman. Probably just all part of the.. woman... growing.... process.... *clueless*

By the way, it seems everyone who's a ninja that stops by the shop these days is asking for Ino, or at least seem familiar with her; especially the males. Hmm... just because she's growing up into a woman doesn't mean she stops being Daddy's little angel...

Kurenai, Naras, Akimichis, Asuma, Sakura, and Tenpen.Collapse )

Boy, I really need to get back in shape. Were these bags of fertilizer always so heavy?

OOC: Sorry I haven't posted as Inoshi in... forever! Hope this gets me off K-chan's Blacklist. =P

By the way, I've created for myself an on-running gag where Inoshi just can't seem to remember of get Tenten's name right for the life of him, so "Tenpen", you should know who you are. I'm just amused by the idea of Tenten having one of the easiest names ever, and someone who can't seem to get it right. Hope that's okay!

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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

10:51PM - FREEDOM!!! ...er...I mean.... *incognito*

I'm making excellent recovery! In great health! Perfectly fit to go back to work!

...So why won't Hana or Ino let me get back to work already?!?!

I'm going crazy on this couch and have watch enough daytime television, I could write my own show sitting upside-down on my head blindfolded! (Actually I did. I'm calling it, "Bontany P.D." It's a mystery show about a handsome young cop whose main hobby is gardening. Real exciting stuff!) I just KNEW I had to get out of this house, even if for only an hour or two! Trouble is, my wife watches me like a hawk, always checking in every 10 minutes and making sure I'm still here and not just some illusion. (She's too clever sometimes, but then, she was once a ninja herself...)

But then, at last! A ray of hope appeared, shining it's brilliance through my door like a pathway to God!

...Alright, so it was only Shikato finally coming by to play a few rounds of shougi with me, but it gave me a brilliant plan! One that I didn't waste too much time carrying out. It pretty much went as follows:

[Two minutes after wife comes in to check on me.]
Shikato: You're turn.
Me: Hmm... Hey, what's that over there?!
Shikato: Yeah right. Like I'm gonna fall for that one.
Me: A-hehehe... sure you won't look?
Shikato: Positive.
Me: *sighs* Fine. Hey, pass me some of the sake I stashed under the chair there.
Shikato: *turns around eagerly* Sake?
Me: Shintenshin no jutsu!

At last! I was able to move up and about without anyone telling me otherwise! All I had to do was tell Hana-chan that "Inoshi" had fallen asleep and I was leaving to let him rest. By the time she figures out I performed this jutsu, I'll have had my fill of freedom.

Shikato is probably going to be mad when I release him of this jutsu, but... Who cares?! I've got Cabin Fever symptoms to burn off! A good run through the training grounds, stretching exercises, maybe make a few of those deliveries that still need to be done, eat out at the BBQ for some quality food (no offense, dear!), and just enjoying the general feeling of no confinement!

Aaaah! Let the luxuries begin!

*"Shikato" skips off merrily*

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Saturday, June 4, 2005

11:57AM - Back home and still bored.

Well I'm out of the hospital! Finally! I think there was too much "precaution" for my case. But now I'm home! Gone away from the drafty hospital gowns, and nurses forcing me to stay in bed and getting me fat by feeding me hospital food and not letting me work it off. Now I get to deal with too many blankets and pillows as my wife and daughter force me to stay in bed and get me fat by over-feeding me and not letting me work it off. Although when Hana-chan cooks my meals, I don't worry about gaining weight then.

Tsunade-hime and Shizune-san perscribed a specific diet for me to help me recover as well as do... some other... medical stuff that's supposed to help in preventing my having another attack in the future. But nothing is certain they say, so as far as I see, if anything, I should be living it up as much as I can!

My wife has been very strict on keeping me on this diet however. You should have seen the fit she threw when Nara and Akimichi tried to sneak me some sake and BBQ. I had to hold her back so they could escape in one piece. Naturally she chewed me out for getting out of bed, but all I had to do was act a little dizzy and she softened up. I hate deciving her like that, but one must do what one must do to survive. Besides, I find it endearing.

Ino is still staying with Kurenai at the moment. She visits home often though, although I get a distinct impression that things are still a little rough between her and her mother. Hana will always leave for the market before each time Ino comes over. It's a little discouraging, but I know eventually they'll come around; they always do. This is the longest it's ever gone on however...

Kurenai, thank you again for taking care of my little princess during this time. But is she getting fed well enough? I'll find a way to repay you for your kindness. Promise!

Ah, the jounin dinner party is coming up soon. I usually take my wife to that every year, but this time around it doesn't look like I'll be going. She's not disappointed however. Can't blame her really. Every time we go I usually end up at the bar with Shikato and Choumaru anyway. She's probably glad we're staying home this time if anything. Actually, I think she's trying to make a romantic night out of it, starting with watching one of her old, favorite movies.

...I never liked that movie. Shikato! Choumaru! HELP!!!

Ino's just as bad as her mother! I can't get up and do anything for myself unless it involves going to the bathroom! I've spent the past three days hardly doing anything other than watching daytime television, which I've found consists of nothing other than soap operas, talk shows, and infomercials. I now own a JuicerMax 3000, question the sexual origins of several of my co-workers, and can't believe "Hidden Village Secrets" left off right when we find out Kimiko is carrying her long-lost brother's ex-wife's cousin's former love slave's child!



I need to get out of this house!!!

OOC: K-chan, you may remove me from that little blacklist you've been writing up now. =P

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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

10:09PM - Itching for action

Well, I'm in the hospital. Have been for almost a full week now. I only woke up about four days ago. Actually, I woke up a little more than a day after my attack to the sound of someone bellowing some poetic lecture about the power of youth. When I realized it was Gai, I rolled over and took another day off.

Looks like I just missed some big huge epidemic here at the hospital too. Something about the drinking water I think. Ah well. When a person gets sick, it's never fun. ....But it is good for the flower business! Get-well boquets must have sold well. I hope Hana and Ino weren't too swamped!


My wife and Ino have come to visit me quite often, although they have yet to come visit me together. I hope... nothing too terrible happened between them. Ino doesn't share enough about what's going on in her life much when she visits, instead giving me the gossip around town (I didn't know Shikamaru had started dating other girls--or that he had Mad Cow disease). Hana-chan's been the same way, talking about everything except what's been going on at home. If it hadn't been for Shikato and Kurenai's visits, I wouldn't have found out what had happened until I'd been released from the hospital!

So they had a fight, eh? And now Ino is staying with Kurenai for a while, working herself ragged to be a good guest and still help run the shop to be a good daughter... No very close friend of my wife's been by to tell me what she's been going through, but from what Shikato and Choumaru can tell me respectfully, she seems much more quiet and distracted lately. My poor girls...

And I haven't had the proper chance to apologize to Ino yet. The way I yelled at her before all of this... Knowing her, she's feeling at least partially responsible. Sometimes... I wonder.... If I had really died... if that had been the last thing I'd exchanged with her...... Would it have been worth it...?


Aurg, there's little I can do about it at the moment. Still being stuck in this bed is driving me crazy! I want to get up and exercise again! Do some work! Plant some new bulbs in fresh soil! Create an arrangement! Mission fever!!!

...But no. It's medication and bed rest still for me. -_- I'll be released soon though. Shizune-san has told me I should be fine, and sweet Sakura-chan has been good to keep me company when she's on training hours here. I think she'll make a fine doctor one day. (Although even she hasn't been able to quite tell me the details of that rumor of how Tenten escaped from a stampede of desert bandits riding on wild stallions.)

*sighs* It's too boring here. Although the food is considerably better than home's... Shikato! I demand a shougi tournament rematch!!!

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Sunday, May 15, 2005

10:51PM - ..............

A part of me can't believe I'm doing this. That what happened even happened! A fight with my daughter that results in her actually storming out of the house.

And here I am, not following her.

I should, perhaps, but... I can't. Not this time. Not on this. I love Ino dearly and would give her just about anything in the world, but... Training under IBIKI?! Absolutely not!! There is just no way I'll EVER let that happen! I mean, look at what he's already done to her hair!! No such sadist is going to be handling my little princess!!! Ino may be very upset about this now, but this is all for her good! And to show her how serious I am on the matter, I will not weaken and chase after her! It's time to show her where she got some of that Yamanaka stubbornness!!!


Who am I kidding? I'll probably be out looking by sundown. Until then however...

Aurgh. I just wish on top of all of this, I didn't feel so winded. My whole body feels a little heavy, but there's still so much work to be done, I can't stop now. Maybe I'll just let myself sleep in tomorrow yeah right, or go to bed early tonight after I find Ino.

Cut because I ramble and don't want to eat up anyone's time if they don't care.Collapse )

I'm out of shape, over-worked, trying desperately to hold my family together and keep my precious daughter out of the clutches of evil... *sighs* Sometimes I wonder what else could go wrong.

Ugh, it hurts... Not just the pressure on my family, but my heart just keep pounding. It's been worked up ever since my fight with Ino and it just isn't calming down. I'd rest but I still have to re-pot some plants, fertilize the soil, put together some ordered arrangements, hunt down and kill Ibiki, make it look like an accident... UGH! This would be easier if my body would just wake up and stop feeling so numb!

Okay, first things first... Greenhouse, check. Need to get the mulch down from the shelf...

..Guh... *panting* ...stupid... *lets go of mulch bag to clasp left arm*

...cramp in... *gasps in pain, not being able to steady the shelf as it wobbled off-balance*


*looks up to see shelf falling over*


*passes out, just before it falls on top of him, spilling soil and smashing pots everywhere*

((ooc: I know telling actions such as these while they're happening when Inoshi is in such pain is unrealistic, but I did it anyway just to get the idea across of what happened. For those who still don't know, Inoshi just suffered a heart attack. Sakura is supposed to find him, but she seems busy. Maybe for an excuse, she comes over to see if there are any herbs the Yamanaka's have that can help serve as temporary ailment soothers for the other patients in the hospital.))

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Monday, May 9, 2005

8:02PM - Maybe I need a mission...

Whoo, these daily training regimes are tough! I do them early in the morning with Nara and Akimichi, but they wipe me out. But somehow those two are still just fine! Jeez, I've really fallen out of shape! I don't get it either. I exercise every day! I shouldn't be this winded! And I don't need to see a doctor, Choumaru. If you can eat your weight in chips and be that healthy, I'M fine! Maybe I should move these sessions to the evening, because when I get back home for breakfast, I'm almost too sore to do work around the shop afterwards. But with Ino always out on missions, I've had to double my shifts a lot recently.

That must be why I'm so out of shape. Haven't had any decent missions to keep me fit in a long time ever since she became a chuunin. Ah, the blessings and curses of having such a lovely, talented daughter~!!

I went to see if Iruka-sensei was doing alright recently, but no one ever answered. I'm not sure if this means he's not home, or if he just really wishes to be left alone. Poor fella. Well, he'll come back around when he's ready.

Speaking of senseis, Kakashi-sensei has been ordering some special plant treatments lately. I never knew the man had such a hidden passion for plant-care! Then again, perhaps one would get naturally cautious after having their previous plant knocked out a window, but I'm told/threatened not to talk about that much. ...There's still nothing that can protect against four-story drops though.


Lately my "Daddy Senses" have been tingling... I hope everything is alright with Ino...

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Monday, May 2, 2005

9:30AM - Getting back on track.

In case anyone was still wondering, Iruka-sensei's Bachelor Party has been called off. I'm going to see if he still needs a strong drink, but...

Poor man... The entire mess with his fiancee is just tragic. If I were to loose either of the two most beautiful and precious women in my life... Well. I don't like to think about that.

And yet...

I hear Ino's going on yet another mission so soon after recovering. (Thanks again for treating her, Sakura-chan~!) I know by being a shinobi, one must always be ready for the call of duty, but must they call on my princess SO MUCH?!?! I'd expect these kind of conditions more for emergency times, like last year during post-war! Not during peace!

Hokage-sama, aren't there any OTHER teams that could perform this job just as well?! I mean, of course InoShikaChou is naturally the first and absolute best choice to be thought of for anything, but... they're not the entire Konoha fleet!!

*a little short on breath, calms himself down a bit*

...I guess I also just miss spending time with my daughter. She's become a chuunin, and I actually haven't had much chance to train with her since then. Now that she's advanced in rank, she's ready to also advance in the Yamanaka family jutsu techniques. No one else can teach her that but me, and, well, how am I supposed to even do that without her here? It's actually been much too long since I've been able to train her on the art of psychic battles. I wonder how much she's grown while I wasn't looking.

Well. In other issues...

Shikato, Choumaru, I'd like to propose we make time for doing some of our old training regimines again!! It's been far too long since we've last let ourselves train as a team that I'm a little concerned about how we might perform if called to a serious mission! Now I'm not talking about anything too rigourous here; just some extra time to go over our old, basic exercises.

Shikato and Choumaru Only.Collapse )

So I'll be dropping by sometime to pick you up for that!

Hey Kakashi. If you still wanted to just go out for drinks, I'll grab our posse and we'll join you! Besides that, wasn't there a new jounin that needed... er, "initiating"...?

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Thursday, April 28, 2005

11:45AM - Things to remember...

A few Notes to Self:

1. Make sure Rose Petal is not able to interfere when using extremes to ground my daughter.
2. Get Choumaru to watch after Ino next time instead of grabbing Shikato the first useless person who comes along.
3. Storm down to Administration Office demanding Ino have time off to get well. (This seems to have been taken care of.
4. Thank Sakura-chan profusely for treating Ino and giving her medication that forces her to demands she rest.
5. "Talk" with Shikamaru. Find out exactly WHAT Ino is muttering about in her sleep.
6. Finish floral arrangements for Iruka-sensei's wedding!

All males of appropriate drinking age only, minus Iruka.Collapse )

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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

11:58AM - Oh, the trials of a father's love...

Aaaah, sometimes you just take a moment to stop and look back on your life and notice all the changes that have been made in it. Like how your flower-stand turns into a shop, how your little girl becomes a chuunin, and how the administration goes ABSOLUTELY INSANE!!!!

Who's idea was it to send my princess into the middle of an ice-cold, barbaric wasteland?!?! Not only that, but she wasn't wearing proper gear to keep her warm and now she's come back absolutely sick with the flu!! (Asuma, I'm going to have to seriously talk with you again about what you're doing to help ensure my daughter is safe and healthy!) Not only that, but they need to send her off on another mission again soon?! I'm going to march down to administration this afternoon and have a good talking to somebody in charge....

In the meantime, I've had to take desperate measures with Ino. She just won't stay in bed and rest! What a faithful daughter~! Despite being so ill, she still insists on working! Oh, how blessed I am to have her!

...Which is why I regret having to tie her down to her own bed to make sure she stays there while I go find someone to keep an eye on her. Don't worry Princess~! I'll be back soon!! It's all for your own good! Daddy loves you!!!

Maybe Choumaru or Shikato are available...

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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

9:39AM - Home Again

Well, the boys and I have returned from our Grand Journey and Adventure of Manhood!!!! (uh, working title)

We hit quite a few snags, but I'd say we each learned something new and valuable. Including how the Kazekage has a pretty twisted sense of humor. I thought she was serious about the torture!! I was shouting all sorts of things like, "Spare the boys!! Take me instead!" Turns out she was just scaring us (which worked) and talked with us reasonably about our paperwork and lost passports. Whew!

We arrived just in time to leave with Ino and Tenten the next morning. Chouji and I had fun living it up in the Palace though! Hot bath, warm food, soft beds! Now THAT was high-class luxury! Not bad for being mistaken as tresspassing, traitorous spies, eh? Shikamaru disappeared off somewhere though. A shame. I had wanted to explain myself to the boys, but with him not there, and us leaving the next morning, there hardly seemed to be the time. (I guess I'll have to try and explain myself another time.)

And just so you all know, the trip back home was ultimately less-complicated than the trip there.

I think I made quite a few people upset by all of this. I... guess I didn't think it through enough, or I'm missing something entirely. (Hana-chan, what am I doing wrong?) When I figure out what it is, I'll apologize for it. Until then... I'll just apologize in general.

Ino-hime has seemed to forgive me, but... She seems so restless lately. She didn't say anything and acted cheerful as usual, but I'm well aware that she hardly slept at all last night. Maybe... she's still mad at me....

Well, if she isn't, Choumaru certainly came over to have a "chat" with me. Honestly, Akimichi! The entire experience was good for your boy! Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?! A-hahahahahaha!! (oh crap, he could so snap my neck between his fingers, don't be mad choumaru...)

*sighs* Lots of thinking to do indeed.

...Aaah, and my little princess fell asleep at the counter! She could have broken her neck falling off that stool!! *puts her to bed*

*siiiigh* What am I going to do?

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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

8:48PM - An Update from the Traveling Men... er.... Tresspassers...?!

Well we survived that swamp just fine! Nothing brings guys closer together than having to rely on the primal instincts that make us! (...or having to huddle together under a make-shift shelter when it unexpectedly rained on us--but we don't speak of that.)

Well the "reclaiming property" bit was actually finding a lost cat. Ha! Been a while since I've actually had one of those! Brings back memories. Rose Petal seems to need excessive training in tracking skills (although she has no problem when finding a bird or bush to chew on), but she helped in... er, "subduing" our target. The owner wasn't quite too happy, but I managed to hide Rose Petal in my backpack and we blamed the scratches to the wildlife.

Rose Petal has actually been riding nearly the entire trip in my pack actually. She found a nice spot near the top of my belongings it's seemed. (I blame that rip in my sleeve where I was keeping our money on her.) She must go out hunting on her own while we're asleep or something. She hasn't seemed too interested in our rations at all. (Although Chouji has looked interested in rationing her, but Ino-hime would kill me if that happened!)

I may have been a little too excited earlier today when we reached Sand borders. (The village borders actually reach very far out according to maps, but the buildings themselves don't start until some further miles in, so we didn't see those yet.) I gave something of a triumphant whoop and..... maybe... er... shouted something like.... "Sand here we come!" or... "Hold on Princess, Daddy's coming!" ...you know...... at the top of my lungs..... *cough*

The boys didn't look entirely pleased. ...Actually, they turned around to leave.

Luckily, there was a fleet of outland dessert bandits there to stop them! ...er... or, wait.... not so luckily. Right.

From an outside perspective, I imagine it was almost a little funny however. They demanded we give them our money. We didn't have any money. They demanded we give them any gold or silver on us. We didn't have any of that either. They even demanded we hand over all our food and water. Consequently, we'd just rationed out our last this morning, after assuring the boys it was only another two hours to our destination. Since we weren't even worth robbing, they decided to "teach us a lesson" by beating us up and leaving us to die. ...We're ninja. Three guesses on how this turned out.

I realized that I've actually never really trained or sparred with the boys before since they've graduated from the academy. They've grown. A lot. Asuma has done wonders with them, and I'll have to tell him as much when we get back to Konoha. (It took Chouji a little while and some food bribery to get him started, but when one of the theives called him "Fatty" he just took off!)

Despite not being practiced with them, I could see they still used some of the old formations Shikato, Choumaru and I used to! (Some of them have different names though.) Considering they were just average bandits, not a whole lot of strategy was needed, but it was great pulling a few tricks to get their numbers down! I used the Shinranshin no Jutsu instead of the Shintenshin that Ino knows. It certainly seemed to impress the boys! (...or they were just glad that neither of them had to look after and haul around my body, but...)

It didn't take long to take most of them down, and the rest of them fled after that. I was going through the routine victory poses and whatnot when Shikamaru reminded me of the issue we'd been confronting before the bandits. A-hehehehe, well, I guess it was about time to let them know anyway.

Before I could however, we suddenly found ourselves surrounded by five sand-nin.

"Do you have passports?" asked the one who must have been their commander.

"Of course we do!" I laughed, and reached into my pack. When I didn't find them there, I turned to someone else. "Shikamaru, show them our passports."

"...I don't have them."



"You insisted on carrying them, remember, Uncle?"

"Uh..." I remembered that I had. No need for them to know where they were getting stamped, right? I frantically quickly began searching my bag again, pulling things out to find them.

"Well I'm sure..." Water canteen. "...they're around..." Extra blanket. "...here..." Underwear. Whoops! *stuff-stuff-stuff* "...somewhere!"

I finally did find them. Or... at least what I believe used to be them. It was hard to tell if a pile of paper and leather scraps were really authentic passports or just an unfortunate wallet. Rose Petal!!!! BAD KITTY! BAD!!!

"If you don't have your passports..." The squad stepped in.


This is not good.

OOC Note: The leader of this band of sand-nin that's currently arresting them is supposed to be Baki, but didn't know if Alden was completely down with that or not. Alden-san?

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Wednesday, March 2, 2005

1:58PM - A funny thing happened walking around a bog...

Well, the boys and I have been a full week on the road! We've been finishing the few mission we've had in record time--mostly deliveries (see, I told you they'd be easy enough, boys). Which has left us plenty of time to get to Sand spend time camping out and doing some good male-bonding!

...More than half of that bonding being spent looking for food. While I was planning for us to have to scavenge for it anyway, those rations were supposed to be back-up in emergencies cases. Not part of the Akimichi snack diet...

Chouji was actually quite upset about it afterwords, apologizing for inconveniencing us. I was able to reassure him however by telling him of the time his father had done the same thing to our team when we were starting out as genin. And Choumaru hadn't eaten them when we were in an area with plenty to hunt either! We'd been on the desert outskirts of Wind Country at the time. I swear, we almost died!! But, if we could pull through that, then the boys and I could certainly pull through this.

Heh, actually, one of the activities they seem to have come to like while we travel is stories about the original InoShikaChou team. I've certainly got enough of them to tell, and hearing about their fathers' past experiences, misadventures, and screw-ups really seems to entertain them. I haven't really told them much of any of MY screw-ups of course, and I certainly haven't told them about Wave Country, but still, they seem to like them. I've even told them once about how we each respectfully met our wives and how I stole mine away from that bloody Hyuuga!. (Don't worry Shikato, I didn't tell Shikamaru everything; I figured you could give him "the talk" on your own time.)

Food-hunting misadventures.Collapse )

We've only two more missions to complete! The last one is a delivery, but our next is actually helping an owner of something to "reclaim their property"... The details are supposed to be given when we get there. I figure we'll just be building a fence, chasing off some hooligans, or something like that.

Looking at our map, I saw that if we cut through a swamp, we'd be at our next client in record time! Leaving us more time to get to Sand and save Ino~! So we geared up and headed in. By heading straight, we'd be through it in no time!...Well, except for that bog we had to walk around. And the bog we had to walk around to walk around the first bog... And then the third bog we had to walk around to walk around the second bog to avoid the first... Boy, it's really dim under all this foliage. It's hard to tell what time of day it is.



Or where north is.



Uh... uh-oh.

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Monday, February 14, 2005

10:36PM - Male-Bonding!!

With Ino gone, I've found this the perfect opportunity to spy on her spend some quality time with the boys! A camping trip!!!

...Of course, taking a vacation during a time when the village needs missions completed is a bit difficult to do. But luckily, with my charm and connections and much smoozing, I've been able to convince administration to let me take the boys on an outing! ...On a few conditions.

So what's a few missions along the way, eh? This will be fun!!

Information for Shikamaru and Chouji.Collapse )

Too bad we can't leave sooner. She'll get a head-start... I'm looking forward to it.

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Tuesday, February 8, 2005

12:31PM - A Father's Concern.

I've been growing... very concerned about Ino going on this mission to Sand. Yes she won't be alone, but I still feel a little unsure that sending two young, genin kunoichi into recently shakey-ally territory is wise. If even one jounin, or a chuunin went with them, I think I'd feel a little better. (I wouldn't mind a whole squad of anbu either.)

I'm aware that Ino and... uh, what's-her-face, I forgot her name the other girl she's with recently survived the first two tests of the chuunin exams with high marks, but... Well, unless you're a father with a daughter of your own, you probably wouldn't understand. I want Ino to be a ninja, and the best she can at that. ...I just wish there was a way she could do it without being in so much danger, but... Well, that's not very realistic, is it?

I should have faith in my daughter. In her abilities as a ninja. In her decisions as an individual. And in her own heart.




But it really doesn't help when she does things like trip and bump her head against the table, or leave the bathwater running, or leave things out to get attacked by her own kitten!!!

Ino-hime... will you really be okay??? ;_;

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Wednesday, February 2, 2005

10:48AM - Shop business.

Well Shikato, I have to say that your boy is actually quite a good worker. (You'll understand this comes as something of a shock, having worked with YOU before when we were kids and knowing how in the past Choumaru and I couldn't get you to carry a load of hay into a barn if your life depended on it. You'd think working hard on a deer field would make you a hard worker on the mission field but noooooooo.)

Shikamaru works the shop where Ino usually does. Aside from sweeping the place at opening and closing, occassionally watering the plants, and aside from the customers and deliveries, quite honestly it's not a very taxing job. (In my opinion anyway.) I thought it would actually fit him perfectly, but it seems he might have slight allergies... So much for asking him to work the greenhouse next. Nothing too serious, so it looks like he'll be okay there.

I'm still feeling just a little bad for my misunderstanding, so I buy him lunch. It brings back memories of when he, Ino, and Chouji were all just little tykes and our families would often rotate locations for play-dates. I used to play-wrestle with Chouji all the time, and Ino too when she wasn't putting up her "big-girl" front. Even Shikamaru would join in when he wasn't watching clouds. (Although looking back, part of the time that may have been to stop Ino from really bruising up Chouji. Precious as she is, sometimes she'd forget the "play" part of their sparring...)

My wife would then come in with lunch and we'd all just sit outside the garden, eating peacefully. ...Well, actually, we'd pretend to eat her lunch, I'd let them secretly stash it in my vest, and we'd sneak off to a ramen stand or something for our real meal. Bless my wife's good intentions, but niether Shikato, Choumaru, or their wives would be happy with me if I let their kids get food poisoning. (Although Akamichi's son could actually eat some of Hana's cooking... I can too with enough will-power, but that boy could actually enjoy it... I still respect him for that to this day.)

Another reason I buy Shikamaru lunch is because if I don't, my wife will bring something down for him. I don't believe indegestion was on the list of punishment.

Aaah, I miss the good ol' days. Things were less complicated then, and I wasn't so easily excited by possible marriage prospects. It gets hard for a father when their little girl starts maturing into an attractive young woman.

In another bit of news, Ino brought home more cute, little animals yesterday. First Rose Petal and now three bunnies... I think they're magnatized to her, or something. Luckily we have some large, straw bird cages around (sometimes they make for interesting flower arrangements), and enough to keep them all seperate. Fortunately it doesn't seem like Ino's planning on keeping them. (A cat that chews on plants is bad enough; rabbits are mortal enemies.) I just hope they get adopted soon.

...And it's strange, but Rose Petal has actually taken a liking to Shikamaru. That is to say, she actually sits quietly on the counter during the day. I did train that cat to attack boys, and even thought I did just recently teach her not to maul certain friends, she's unusually passive next to him. Then again, I've always suspected that the Nara family and cats have some similar lazy qualities in them that bind them as instictive allies.

I'm going to try and teach Shikamaru certain varieties of the plants that are found in the shop tomorrow. Apparently someone came in with a specific request and he wasn't exactly sure of what they wanted. My fault for assuming. Just a brief lecture should do fine.

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Friday, January 28, 2005

3:33PM - ........... *coughs and clears throat*

Er... ahem. It's come to my attention that perhaps I was a bit... hasty earlier. And as such, I owe an apology to some.

Shikato, sorry for accusing your son of abusing and enslaving my daughter. (Although turns out I was right and she was sorta his servant, if by her own will.)

Shikamaru, I'm also sorry for all the above. And for scaring you. And chasing you. ...And for threatening your very mortal existence by turning you into a human pin cushion.

Ah-hehehehe, your uncle gets a little crazy sometimes...

I've had a talk with Ino over this whole affair and, with the help of Shikato himself, have worked out what I find to be a proper punishment for her. She'll fulfill her promise to do Shikamaru's chores, and be helping out at the Nara deer farm, even though it sounds like she made the deal under the condition Shikamaru keep quiet. (Shikato wants to get Chouji working on his farm too if he can. I think he's just being lazy again. Don't let the bum get away with it, Choumaru! If you're gonna send your son any place, my shop could always use the extra hand!)

I hope this will help make things up to you, Shikamaru. You just let me know if there's anything else your good ol' Uncle Inoshi can do for you! Although I can't make any guarantees concerning the business your father has with you, but anything otherwise....

Hey Shikato, Choumaru, when was the last time the three of us went out for a drop of liquor?

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Thursday, January 27, 2005

11:12AM - And so begins the hunt.

After much hiding and fear of my credit reports, Ino-chan forgave me for the whole wedding fiasco. She didn't even use my credit card like she threatened! Oh, what a wonderful, precious daughter I have~!!

...Which is why I'm going to have to kill Nara's son for giving her a black eye. *armed with weapons and kunai* How dare he harm my little princess and not beg for forgiveness!! I would have expected more from your boy, Shikato, but apparently there's only one way he'll learn!

He's inherited your special family ability for running and hiding though, I'll give him that. Blast if there weren't time when even I couldn't find you. And make you cough up that hundred you owe me.

...By the way, Nara... What's this I hear about Ino sneaking into your home, dressed in an apron? She's been gone from the house an awful lot, but to find she's scaling up into Shikamaru's room and looking completely exhausted by the end of the day... Isn't enough that your boy abused her?! Now he has her as his personal maid and servant?!?!

Even your deer medicines won't save your son now, Shikato!

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Tuesday, January 4, 2005

5:24PM - The War of Love!!

I'm going to have to have a talk with Shikato. Planning the wedding between our children is one thing. Sending out invitations to attend the ceremony next week is quite another! It's too soon to take my baby girl away from me!

My wife told me Kurenai-san tried to drop by the other day and the day before. Appears I missed her twice, but I'm assured she'll come back. Something about a "broken ukki-kun"? Not sure what that is, but I guess I'll find out.

Ino-hime seemed to be in an exceptionally determined mood today. She gets this firey look in her blue eyes whenever she's out to do something that just makes me so proud of her! And after breakfast, she left saying something about going off to fight Sakura over some matter of love and rivalry. Ah, kids these days and their zealous hearts.


WAIT A MINUTE! Fighting over a matter of love?! But Ino-hime's in love with Shikamaru, so fighting over it would only mean...!! Sakura too?! Where's Shikato?! I've got to tell him about this!!

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Monday, November 15, 2004

9:47AM - What's THIS...?!

As the father of Konoha's prettiest and talented kunoichi, I worry about my little Ino-hime often--especially concerning the attentions of possible suitors. Bless my little baby, but she's just too beautiful for her own good! Soon I'll have to build a trap-door under out welcome mat. And Rose Petal needs more "special training." Recent consequences of her attacking the wrong boys has become an issue that's needs addressing...

But today all of my worried may be solved!! Today it seems I've found out that she's finally chosen a young man I can approve of!!

It started when I needed her to take over my shift in the shop. I went to call her from the greenhouse where she's been helping me get rid of some of the bugs that have recently been trying to eat away at some of the flowers (for once I'm certain it's not the cat), but as I entered she wasn't anywhere in sight. Looking around for her, all I managed to stumble across was some torn up pieces of what looked like was once a letter. As I tried piecing what I could together, I made the discovery of my young girl's heart!


How can she not be?! Who else fits the descriptions written and what else could the hints mean on these pieces I was able to read?!

"I wonder how clouds are looking..." (Shikamaru is the only boy I know who loves clouds enough to mention them in a letter.)

"...I just feel like I have to state this..." (Obviously working up to decalring her feelings!)

"I wonder if you are still watching the clouds, every day at the same place?" (Again with the cloud evidence.)

"...still envious of those fluffy things that are..." (This had better be about more clouds...)

"...or did you just find it just as troublesome as that night?" (Troublesome fits Shikamaru as well, but... what night...?)

"...that I find to my liking." (Ah, so pure my baby's love is!)

"I sometimes catch myself realizing that I somewhat miss our conversations, and watching the clouds. But I’m never too sure if you even noticed that I’m..." (The great thing about her liking Shikamaru is that he still has a few years until he notices girls, which means they can build a relationship on good, solid, anti-hanky-panky friendship!)

"I want pictures of you--" (Looks like there was more here but it got ripped out... But obviously a sentiment of young love!)

My precious little baby!! Shikamaru will be the luckiest man in all of Konoha!!

Hey, I should go tell Shikato about this!

OOC: Whoo, sorry for neglecting Inoshi. Let the insanity continue!

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